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For Programmers:


Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition : Link1 Link2 (Portable) 

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate : Download Here 

Instruction and Serial For Vs2010: Download Here

Turbo C++ 4.5: Download Here (if asking for Registration, Just cancel it )

Tutorials: Link1 Link2

Notepad++ v5.9.5: Download Here (Advance Text Editor with Tab Support and PL code management)

WAMP Server v2.2a: Download at Source Forge (For Managing a Web Server. Apache, MySQL and PHP in one  Package)




For Web, Photo Manipulation:


Photoshop CS5 portable: Download Here 

DreamWeaver CS4: Download Here



Misc Application:

Nilalangaw Desktop Mo XD (You Have Flies on your Desktop): Download FlyOnDesktop 

Iniipis ang Desktop Mo XD (You Have Cockroaches on your Desktop): Download CockroachOnDesktop

NetCut  2.8.1 (Disconnects Other computer even youre not the server): Download here



At Para Sa mga gusto mang inis >:D (And For those who want to bug people): 


Virus Creation Applications:


*Necro V-Maker (Beta)Download Here

*Virus O Matic: Download Here

*TeraBit Virus Maker: Download Here




Download the .exe file and the .rar files , and save them on your computer. On the computer, double-click the .exe file to extract the ISO image.

In order to write a CD/DVD image with Nero you should use the following steps:
1. Put a blank CD or DVD into the device you wish to write with.
2. When you install Nero, it will create shortcuts to many different programs. You want to double-click on the icon labeled Nero Burning Rom to start the program.
3. When Nero starts, it may start in the New Compilation screen. If it does, click on the Cancel button.
4. At the top of the Nero window will be a drop down menu containing a list of devices that you can write to. Make sure the CD or DVD Recording device that you wish to write to is selected.
5. Then click on the Recorder menu and choose Burn Image.
6. This will open a windows called Open which will allow you to navigate to the image file you would like to write. Navigate to the image and click once on it to select it. Then press the Open button.
7. A Burn Compilation screen will now open. At this screen put a checkmarks next the checkboxes labeled Write and Finalize CD (or Finalize DVD)
8. When the writing is complete there will be a message box from Nero stating it is finished. Simply click on the OK button.
9. If you are finished, click on the Done button and Nero will eject the newly created CD or DVD.
Now that you are finished, you can close Nero.



 *Note: Im not Responsible for the damage cause by the applications downloaded. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Before Running the new created virus, use Shadow Defender, DeepFreeze or TimeFreeze. 



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