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Ragnarok Battle Offline Expansion 3 [English]

Posted by Zell Pearly on August 1, 2012 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (3)

For those who are in action RPG game and an avid ragnarok online fan, this is the game for you.


Download Link:

How to Install:

Just extract the downloaded files (make sure you downloaded it all) in any directory you want and open the rbomain client.

Elsword Offline (Japanese Lang)

Posted by Zell Pearly on May 15, 2012 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Some of us want to play this predecessor of the Online Game Grand Chase (specially in my country in PH).

and since i just want to test it, heres what i found. A Elsword Offline Client! 

Note:this is just a test client, not all features are included here, you cant create a server using this one.


All characters are only on 3rd job except Chung which is a new character released.

Only Three Maps available

No Login Required


Elsword Part 1

Elsword Part 2


Extract the files then run the installer. 

Note: The Game and the Installer is in Japanese, Just use trial and error to play. Enjoy ^_^

Setting Up Gunbound Classic Offline Server

Posted by Zell Pearly on May 14, 2012 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (29)



Craving for a Turn-by-Turn Online Shooting Game back in 2006?


Well Heres the Offline Version of Gunbound!


Im still investigating the problem regarding of putting it in LAN and WAN Version so you can play with other players.

If someone can teach me on how putting it on LAN, just meessage me and ill post it here. ^_^


Well here we go!



Download Wamp Server 2.0: 

Gunbound Classic Client

Gunbound Server Files

Gunbound Web Files (old)

Gunbound Web Files(newer)

Note: I change the download link to use WAMP Server 2.0 than 2.2 because there are some problems regarding Entering the Server which shows the Please Wait message. But the pictures below, i used 2.2 but they are have same procedure.



1. Install WAMP Server


Click Next


Select Accept and Click Next



Choose your Destination to Install (i choose c:\wamp which is the default)



Wait to complete the installation, do facebook or anything, this will not take too look ^_^ 



Dont touch this part, dont change the localhost,just click next



Done! now click finish to fire up your WAMP server!



You will see on the notification bar the WAMP Icon is green, this means your want runs smoothly

Note: If your wamp icon is orange/red, thres some problems in your computer like:



-Conflict WAMP with IIS(Internet Information Services) = Turn off your ISS by Run>inetmgr

-Conflict WAMP with MSSQL

-Conflict WAMP with MAMP,XAMP


 2. Importing Database Files into WAMP's MySQL

a. Extract GB_Serv.rar to Drive C: (I choose this so i can access it easily and the path is short that Desktop). Below is the extracted files.


 b. Now open your intenet browser and browse http://localhost , you will be directed to this page below


c. Click on phpMyAdmin below the Tools and youll be inside phpmyadmin

Click on Databases Tab and create the following database:

Admin, batch, gunbound, and user


 d. now you see below the 4 databases i created (i checked them so you can see them as highlighted).


 e. now click on the admin database and youll see this page



f. Now click on the Import tab (if you cant see it, click on More) and then click on the browse.. button, this will upload the backup database to be set on the admin database, go to your C:\GB_Serv (where you extracted the GB_Serv.rar) then open the DB Folder inside the GB_Serv and choose Admin.sql then after choosing, browse down and click the Go Button to Execute the Importing.


 g. Now if you see this error, open the Admin.sql (This occurs depends on the version of MySQL in WAMP)


 h. Once you open it, Replace TYPE=MyISAM into ENGINE=MyISAM
(use ctrl+h to open the replace window and Enter TYPE=MyISAM on the Search String and Enter ENGINE=MyISAM and click the Replace ALL button)
Then Save. 


i. Now Go back again to your browser and on the Import Window, Upload the edited Admin.sql and thats it youll be seeing the Message below


j. NOW, Repeat the steps 2.e.- 2.f. except that youll select different database and upload different SQL files.

Like this :
Open batch database>Import>Upload batch.sql (do the same editing trick if error occurs)
Open gunbound database>Import>Upload gunbound.sql (do the same editing trick if error occurs)
Open user database>Import>Upload user.sql (do the same editing trick if error occurs)


k. go to gunbound database>  click the applicationsetting table from the sidebar and click the INSERT tab

Enter the following like in the image




Ignore the ApplicationId and VersionLimit then click GO.


3. Creating the Web Registration for the Game

a. Extract the files inside www.rar or www._v2 into the www path of the wamp. (c:\wamp\www)
below is the extracted files of the www.rar 
Note:if you use the www_v2.rar, its no need to extract the files from www.rar (the www_v2.rar is more easier since the original creator of the www.rar code has errors but works for the registration of user)



b. go to your web browser and navigate http://localhost/gunbound
youll see the registration site, now register for a GB Account


Now youve successfully created an account. 

4. Setting up Gunbound Server Files

a. Go to c:\GB_Serv
Note: We see that inside this folder, there is a folder named as Server
This folder is for modifying the IP Connection for the game, so as off now, we shouldn't touch this until error occurs.

b. open install-service.bat, this will install the Gunbound Server Services
if you see this window, youre close to finish this!


c. now open start-server.bat, this will start your gunbound serve
below you see a new application open, this is you server broker

in the server ip, if the ip is not like the one below, change it to the click set server ip button and then click restart server

you here can also change you channel's name

Dont close this or you cant be connect to your server


5. Installing Gunbound Client

a. Install the Gunbound Classic Client (the installer named Gunbound_Classic_315.exe)





b. Now go to start button of your desktop then click RUN and type regedit (shortcut is ctrl+r for Run)

the navigate this in Registry Editor:


Then make some changes :

BuddyIP =

IP =

Url_Fetch =

Url_ForgotPwd = (none)

Url_Notice =

Url_Signup =


Now your registry should be like this:


Now Run your Gunbound.exe from your start menu>Silent Gaming>Gunbound Classic>Launch Gunbound.exe

Then this Patcher will show. Enter your registered username and password then click start game!


Now inside the game, you should see this. enter a server (in this, you see 4 server because i checked all the servers in the GBbroker). (image used from trik-kita)

Then you can buy avatars in the shop.

Youll see that youre money is big (you can only have high money if youre using www_v2.rar on the www of wamp)


(if youre using www.rar, Set your money in the database)



How to set money:

-goto http/localhost/phpmyadmin

-select gunbound database

-select "game" table

-click on the edit link on your desired account

-change the value of money of your desire and click go

-now select the cash table

-click edit on the account you want to change the cash

-change the value of cash and click go

How to play 1 player:

Create a room, then select jewel, 1:1

then type


like this:


Then Click Start!

Now you see this that im already playing it alone! XD Photobucket

As of now, im using this to edit some themes, add avatars and add effects on the shots. Enjoy! ^_^



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